Reimagining Customer Delivery to Manage Customer Experience During Crisis

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Today, customers have the power to make or mar a brand. And, who gave them this power? We did. The internet did. Hence, it is no surprise that customer experience ranks high on the priority list of every business. Add to it the raging COVID-19 pandemic, which has stunned lives and livelihoods around the globe. For susceptible people and the…


What It Takes to Make Formal Lending Solutions Available to Thin Credit Files

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  Will I get access to formal credit if I am ‘Invisible’? Being invisible in the financial system means that either you have no credit history or there is not enough information available about you with the credit bureau. As a result of which, your access to formal credit like home loans, credit cards, personal loans etc. becomes very limited…


The Key Challenges and Way Forward for Insurance Penetration in India

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Insurance now falls in the category of essential goods and services and has made its way to dinner table conversations in many homes. Such is the time. The COVID-19 pandemic with its uncertainty has changed the way insurance was perceived earlier. We have become more aware of the need for staying protected against all odds and risks. Planning for life’s…


New Trends and Opportunities in Digital Payments

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A decade ago, the idea that you could just walk into your ‘bagal wali dukaan’ without cash and still make payments would have sounded revolutionary. But today, even a chai-wala accepts digital payments. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic and the social distancing rules, digital payments got the much-needed push to slowly and steadily becoming ubiquitous. It has been…