How can the product be returned?

The retailer can return the product/check order status as below:

i) The retailer has to login to their own on or DOST APP.
ii) The retailer has to then login on the customer’s behalf using the customer’s mobile number/OTP or email Id/ password.
iii) The retailer has to go to the order history of the customer and then click on the “Track Package/ Return Item” depending on the customer’s requirement.

Once I have logged in, how do I place an order?

STEP 1: CREATE A CUSTOMER ACCOUNT OR LOGIN FOR THE CUSTOMER. Once the retailer has logged in, they need to create a login for the customer. This is necessary as retailers CANNOT place order from their own login. They will not get commissions.
STEP 2: BROWSE FOR A PRODUCT. Once the retailer has been logged in for the customer, they can help browse the product for the customer. Once the customer likes a product, they can click on “Add to Cart” or “Buy Now”.
STEP 3: ADD/CHOOSE AN ADDRESS. Once the customer has finished shopping, the retailer will have to check out and add the customer’s address where the customer wants the product to be delivered. The retailer SHOULD NOT share their address otherwise the product will be delivered to their address and they will have pay for the product and deliver the product to the customer on their own.
STEP 4: PAYMENT. Once the customer has finished shopping and the address has been selected, click on “Proceed to Payment”. Please choose only one of the below options: i) UPI: Enter the customer’s UPI handle. The customer will get a notification on their UPI app to complete the payment. ii) ii) Pay at Delivery: The customer will be able to pay by cash/card when the product is delivered to them.

Note: do not choose the “pay at store” payment option. This will lead to the cancellation of the product.