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Service included

  • Banking Services
    AePS, Micro ATM, Digi Smart Transfer, Money Transfer, Bachat Khata, Digital Gold and Gold Loan
  • Digital Suite
    Customer Khata, UPI QR, SMS Payment, Aadhaar Pay and PayNearby Shopping Card
  • Utility Payment centre
    Gas, Electricity & Water Bills, Recharge Services, Credit Card Payments and Cash Collection
  • Insurance
    Health, Life and General
  • Travel
    Rail Booking, Flight Booking and Bus Bookings
  • Online Store
  • Partner Services
    Ordering and delivery services (Amazon and Flipkart), Zee5 subscription

Zidd Aage Badhne Ki

PayNearby Digital Pradhans, a growing aspirational community

With PayNearby, not only has my income increased, but the hassle of depositing money in bank has gone. With AePS and Money transfer services, the money in my galla is being utilised and cash is managed. Around 60-70 customers come to me daily for AePS. It is a very easy, convenient method. It has helped me buy 2 bikes and a plot.

- By Amit Morya, Yakubpur, Uttar Pradesh

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