Enable 3X more efficiency in order processing, logistics and cash flow

Digitize order placement and payment across the retail value chain (Retailer ->Distributor ->FMCG). Real time heat maps and order aggregation brings efficiency in logistics management, reduces costs and enables servicing of micro markets. Payment digitization leads to faster processing and better cash flow.

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Who can benefit from this service

Retail businesses of all sizes, across industries, can digitize order placement and payment with PayNearby and grow their business

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods

  • Pharma

  • White Goods and Electronics

  • Textile and garments

  • Beauty and Hygiene products

Why digitize order placement and payment with PayNearby


Faster order processing

When retailers place their orders digitally on the app, an instant notification is sent to mapped distributors as well as the corporate. Real time visibility of order placement reduces processing time and drives efficiency

Service micro orders

Machine learning and geo-visualization through heat maps help corporates and distributors aggregate orders and service micro markets which were left unfulfilled before


Better Cash Flow

Payment processing in the ecosystem (between the retailer, distributor and corporates) through digital options bring greater transparency, faster payment realization and better cash flows for all stakeholders.

Better credit scoring

Data driven insights help corporates take more informed decisions on the stock, funds and business health of their channel partners. This helps them to scale the business by providing appropriate bill discounting and flow based lending support.


Drive cost efficiency

Order aggregation also helps in driving supply chain efficiency leading to substantial cost savings. Corporates can get real time visibility of stock, demand, supply and team movement enabling more optimized resource management.

Backed by the safety and security of PayNearby

Our time tested systems service more than a million transactions per day, with the highest success matrix and 99.9% uptime. PayNearby is certified to the highest compliance standards and your transactions are secured and protected with us.


How does it work

  • Retailer receives orders on the BuyNearby app or directly at the store. They process the orders and collect payments digitally.

  • To replenish inventory, retailer digitally places order for the required stock update on the app

  • Our geo-visualization tool groups various retailer orders based on delivery locations and sends notifications to the closest distributor and the corporate

  • Distributor can accept the order real time and collect digital payments from the retailer. Order aggregation and real time visibility helps in faster order processing and supply chain efficiencies

  • Corporates get a single dashboard, where they are able to visualize all stock movement, demand generation, sales and resource movement real time.

  • Distributors can also replenish their stock by placing digital orders with the corporate. The end to end processing, including payments happen digitally.


Digitize order placement and payment with us

Whether you are a small business owner, or a CEO of a corporation, let us help you digitize your order sourcing and supplier payments. That way you can focus on what you do best—running your business.

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