Digically reach 400 million+ last mile audience

Opportunity for content providers to use the extensive Paynearby network and expand their market. Use big data analytics to develop customized solutions and drive adoption through product satchetization. Digitization of physical cash at store helps in acquiring new consumer segments.

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Who can benefit from this service

Content providers across industries can scale their business and reach untapped markets by taking advantage of the extensive PayNearby network.

  • OTT

  • Music/Video

  • Gaming

  • Education

  • Publishing

Why should you distribute your content with PayNearby


Largest Network

With over 41,00,000 retailers, spread across 17,600+ PIN codes, harness the power of the largest agent network in the country

Speed and Efficiency

Disseminate content faster through automated, app driven interactions, serviced directly to retailers.


Ease barrier to cash digitization

Inability to digitize cash is one of the primary deterrents to larger adoption of web content. Overcome this barrier by helping consumers digitize physical cash at local stores.

Insights at your fingertips

Get data driven insights of consumer behaviour real time. Drive larger adoption through micro content development and product satchetization based on custom inputs.


Reduce operational expenses

Eliminate intermediation costs by communicating directly with retailers. Disintermediation helps you bring down operational expenses.

Backed by the safety and security of PayNearby

PayNearby is certified to the highest compliance standards and your information and data is secured and protected with us.


How does it work

  • Customer walks in to PayNearby outlet.

  • PayNearby Digital Pradhan assists the customer to download the app and demonstrates customized packages.

  • Customer pays physical cash for the subscription amount. This amount gets converted into digital cash on the PayNearby app.

  • Content provider gets real time update of the digital transaction. The consumer login gets created and service activated.

  • Data insights sent to the brand for future target content and pricing.


Conduct product sampling and customer surveys with us

Whether you are a small business owner, or a CEO of a corporation, let us help you scale your business by distributing to the last mile audience.

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