Get 100% more efficiency in financial reconciliation and accounting

Eliminate errors, mitigate risks and reduce the burden on your accounts team by digitizing invoice generation, payment collection and account reconciliation on PayNearby’s automated invoice management platform. Get efficiency in your financial accounting processes.

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Who can benefit from this service

Retail businesses of all sizes, across industries, can digitize invoice reconciliation and management by using the PayNearby platform and bring efficiency to their financial accounting processes

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods

  • Pharma

  • White Goods and Electronics

  • Textile and garments

  • Beauty and Hygiene products

Why automate invoice management with PayNearby


Faster processing

Reduce delays and time lags that result from manual interventions through automation of the entire financial management system. Ensure faster processing of invoices across the funnel

Drive cost efficiency

Reduce overhead expenses of setting up big accounting teams to manage financial processes. Also eliminate inefficiencies that result from delays, misuse and errors due to manual interventions.


Better Cash Flow

Digitize invoice generation and payment acceptance to ensure faster payment realization, greater transparency and better cash flow management for all stakeholders.

Better credit scoring

Data driven insights help corporates take more informed decisions on the stock, funds and business health of their channel partners. This helps them scale the business by providing appropriate bill discounting and flow based lending support.


Seamless, single platform

Corporates can efficiently manage the reconciliation across all channel members, including distributors and retailers, through a single seamless view.

Backed by the safety and security of PayNearby

Our time tested systems service more than a million transactions per day, with the highest success matrix and 99.9% uptime. PayNearby is certified to the highest compliance standards and your transactions are secured and protected with us.


How does it work?

  • Distributor uploads invoice on the App.

  • Retailer can view all invoices against his ID/mobile number

  • Retailer selects invoice to make a payment, and selects the mode of payment that is convenient for him

  • Reconciliation is done by PayNearby system and MIS is sent to the corporate


Digitize invoice management with us

Whether you are a small business owner, or a CFO of a corporation, let us help you digitize your Financial Accounting and Invoice Management. Optimize cost and get efficiency in your organization.

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