Maximize last mile retail space to grow your business

Use automated image processing, machine learning and geotagging algorithms to digitally audit and optimize retail space across 41,00,000 PayNearby outlets. Cut intermediary cost and drive efficiency while auditing shelf space, inventory or sign boards through direct image sourcing from retailers.

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Who can benefit from this service

Retail businesses of all sizes, across industries, can use the retail audit and optimization service to grow and scale their business

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods

  • Pharma

  • White Goods and Electronics

  • Textile and garments

  • Beauty and Hygiene products

Why conduct retail audits with PayNearby


Largest Network

With over 41,00,000 retailers, spread across 17,600+ PIN codes, harness the power of the largest agent network in the country

Efficient Shelf Monitoring

Get real time visibility of shelf space, inventory and sign boards through automated, app driven interactions, sourced directly from the retailers.


Machine Learning and AI

Take advantage of automated image verification, machine learning and geo-tagging algorithms to increase process efficiency and ensure error free audits

Reduce overhead expenses

Eliminate intermediation costs by sourcing information directly from the retailers. Disintermediation helps you bring down audit expenses substantially


Insights at your fingertips

A single unified dashboard ensures you know the audit status and output across the country, and can make informed business decisions real time

Backed by the safety and security of PayNearby

Our time tested systems service more than a million transactions per day, with the highest success matrix and 99.9% uptime. PayNearby is certified to the highest compliance standards and your data is secured and protected with us.


How does it work

  • Retailer receives audit notifications on the PayNearby app

  • Retailer clicks images of shelf space, inventory, sign boards as required by the company

  • Our advanced image processing, machine learning and geo tagging algorithms process this data, and validated information is sent to the company

  • Your business teams can view this data real time and take informed decisions

  • Incentives are disbursed to the retailer after audit sign off


Automate retail space audit with us

Whether you are a small business owner, or a CEO of a corporation, let us help you audit and optimize retail shelf space, inventory and display. That way you can focus on what you do best—running your business.

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