What is the difference between refundable and non-refundable fares?

When you cancel a flight ticket, the airline charges a cancellation fee against your ticket. The amount that is returned after this deduction is called the refundable fare. For more information, please refer to the ‘Fare Summary & Rules’ under the ‘Flight Details’ tab. A non-refundable fare is a discounted fare where no refund can be claimed from the airline in case of cancellation.

I only have hand baggage, what is the fare for it?

This fare is offered by low-cost carriers on domestic flights, where check-in baggage is not allowed. A passenger can carry upto 7 kgs of one-hand luggage. The weight limit varies from airline to airline.

Does a Flight ticket include a meal? If not, how can I add a meal to my Flight ticket?

In a full-service airline, meals are generally included within the cost of the flight ticket. However, in low-cost carriers, you have to book meals separately at an additional cost. You can choose your meal option while booking the flight ticket on PayNearby. If you have already booked the flight, please call the airline directly to add meals to your ticket.

When will I get my flight ticket refund?

If you have cancelled your ticket through PayNearby portal/app, the refund will be processed in the retailer wallet. Refund amount and the TAT varies from airline to airline.

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