How can I start offering Nivesh CBBF account from my shop?

Login to PayNearby app, click on Nivesh CBBF account icon on home screen. you just have to do three


1. Start a Goal:

Starting a goal is super easy, select a goal from the list of goals already provided, enter amount and its done. Every goal is opened for 390 days and on completion of the tenure, the amount is transferred to the customer’s savings account, opened during onboarding, digitally. Besides the listed goals, you can also create a new goal.

2. Complete eKYC:

Connect your biometric device and take customer’s fingerprint and submit. Once their details are authenticated, most of the data will be pre-populated in the application form, fill-in all other mandatory details and take a live photo of the customer and submit. Data is shared with State Bank of Mauritius and the account is opened within seconds. Both you and the customer will receive notification on successful account opening.

3. Collect Deposit Amount:

Once an account is opened, you will see the sign on your screen to take cash from the customer and submit. The amount gets deducted from your trade balance and will start reflecting in the customer’s account. The customer can start with a minimum of Rs 500 for the first deposit and increase the amount with the next deposits.

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