What is the role of Nearby Technologies and Unity Small Finance Bank Limited?

Nearby Technologies (“PayNearby”/ “We”/ “Our”) is a DIPP Certified fintech Company registered under The Start-up India program of the Government of India. With a vision to make financial services available to everyone, we have partnered with United Small Finance Bank Limited (“USFBL” or “Unity” or “Lender”) whereby you, as our retail partner, can become eligible to avail unsecured business loans from Unity to meet your business cash flow requirements.

Unity, the lender, is a small finance bank regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.

You may apply for this unsecured business loan using the PayNearby app. Upon your application, our role is to assist Unity in processing the same and determining whether the details provided by you meet the eligibility criteria as laid out by the lender. We clarify that our role is limited to assisting you in applying to the lender, availing the loan and at no point do we make any decision with respect to grant of loan by the lender.

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