I got a message that my loan application is approved but I have still not received the disbursement of the loan amount?

Once you receive the message that your loan application has been approved, you are required to complete the digital documentation (which is done online through the use of an OTP validation) and ENACH mandate registration. Please check if you have received the link to complete the esign of the loan documentation and ENACH mandate registration.

If you have completed the documentation and still not received the loan, please call on +91 9994909090 or write to us at customercare@paynearby.in with your loan application number in the subject line of the email.

If you have not received the link to complete your loan documentation and NACH mandate registration, please call us on +91 9994909090 or write to us at customercare@paynearby.in with your loan application number in the subject line of your email. We would be happy to assist.


How can I make payment if I missed the EMI?

You can pay your missed EMI by scanning the UPI QR code as seen on your Repayment schedule (part of your loan documentation pack) and pay the EMI through any UPI supported App like Paytm, GooglePay or PhonePe etc. On scanning the QR code, your loan account details including the EMI etc. will be displayed on the app. You need to confirm the same and use your UPI Pin to complete the payment. You can write an email to cml.request@int.centrum.co.in with your loan account number and we shall be able to send you a link for repayment.

I applied and submitted all the requested documents, still did not get any loan?

Please note that the lender has the final right to take the decision to approve or reject all loan applications as per their approved credit policy. If your application would have qualified as per lender’s credit policy, then your application may have be approved. If you still have any questions, please drop an email to customercare@paynearby.in with your loan application number and we will get back to you with the reasons of rejection of your application.


Please note that your application may be rejected due to following reasons:

  • Credit Bureau result (Score lower than 600);
  • A history of DPDs (Days past Due), Write off or settlements in the last 12 months in any of your existing loans or credit cards;
  • You have an active loan with Unity/Centrum already;
  • In-principle sanction letter sent to you is not accepted by you within 3 days;
  • Digital document signing failed 3 times at your end;
  • E-NACH mandate registration failed 3 times;
  • Any other reason as per credit policy of the Lender.


There could also be some reasons for rejection at the application stage itself, such as:

  • Age parameter not being met – Age of the applicant is not between 24-59
  • Business experience check – Minimum 2 years of business experience required
  • If the bank account of the applicant is not in the list of banks where eNACH mandate is not live


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