What are the key features and benefits of Nivesh CBBF account?

  • Nivesh CBBF account, is a goal based flexible recurring deposit with SBM Bank, India powered by PayNearby.
  • Customer account is opened with SBM Bank, India from your shop.
  • Customer can deposit & withdraw cash from your shop without visiting the bank.
  • Customer gets the flexibility to deposit any amount more than Rs 500 any time into their Nivesh CBBF account.
  • Customer earns interest rate of up to 5% annually on the amount maintained with the bank.
  • Customer can withdraw the amount from their Nivesh CBBF account, in case of an emergency. They receive 1% less interest if withdrawal is after 3 months, before the term period. Customer has complete access to the principal amount and interest earned.
  • Customer can save for their desired goal and you can track the amount in your app and through SMS. They will also get access to a web page, on which they can login to check the status of their account.
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