Why should I offer this product to my customers?

As a PayNearby retailer, you are already a mini-bank in your area. With this service you will add one more banking product to offer to your customers. You will help customers avail banking services from your shop, which means you will earn trust & respect from your community.

  1. You earn a one-time commission of Rs. 25 on every new customer on-boarded.
  2. For every deposit into Nivesh CBBF account, you earn 0.5% annually on the deposit amount. This amount is paid to you on daily basis, until customer maintains balance in their account. That means, you will earn every day for your hard work today. The more customers you onboard and the more deposits they keep, the more commissions you earn.
  3. You will also earn additional bonus: If the customer makes more than 10 deposit transactions through your outlet to one goal and also completes the goal amount in the tenure of the goal, you get to double your commissions earned on this goal. For eg, Rani opened a goal to save for her daughter’s education. She wants to save Rs 50,000 for paying her school fees next year, all she has to do is continue to deposit approx. Rs 4167 every month at your store. If she is successful in saving Rs 50,000 in 1 year and deposits more than 10 times through your shop, you get double the commission earned so far on this goal (max upto Rs 50 per goal)
  4. On withdrawals, you earn commissions same as AEPS commission.

In Summary, the commission structure is as follows:

New Customer Deposit Bonus Withdrawals
One-Time commission on onboarding for every new customer: Rs 25


0.5% per annum

This will be calculated at the above rate for every day and paid at the end of every day


Double your commission to a maximum amount of upto Rs. 50. If a customer adds more than 10 deposits in the same goal and keeps it for the complete tenure of 390 days and saves the total goal amount. Same as AEPS commissions


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