What is the replacement policy?

AMS provides replacement devices in the following events:

  • Beyond Economic Repair – The customer’s device is declared to be Beyond Economic Repair (BER) under the following conditions: Cost of repair is equal to or more than 80% of the device invoice value in such events, TechGuard will offer and customer has the option to accept a like to like replacement device on paying the difference amount between the device price and the screen price within 7 days. If customer is unable/ unwilling to pay difference amount, TechGuard will return the unrepaired device back to the customer along with the service fees.


  • The device cannot be repaired

Cracked Screen Plan: If the customer’s device is declared to be BER under the cracked screen plan, then TechGuard would inform the customer and provide them with a like-to-like replacement of the device. In this case, TechGuard would be liable only upto the screen replacement cost and the balance amount for the device would have to be paid by the customer.

Extended Warranty Plan: In case of the extended warranty plan, the customer would receive a like-to-like replacement device in case their device is declared to be BER.

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