More options of contactless payments needs to be offered

Anand Kumar Bajaj, CEO & Founder, PayNearby

While contactless payments need to be embraced fervently in this challenging period, some geographies and customer segments will have to be assisted to be moved into the digital mode. It is especially important during these testing times that citizens across all segments of the society have the resources to take care of their needs. In places where physical money exchange is unavoidable, players need to build awareness around the situation and on a war footing cultivate best practices while cash is getting exchanged.

At PayNearby to curb the spread of the epidemic and raise awareness, we are focusing all our energies to run campaigns that train people to sanitize their hands before and after exchanging cash. The campaign is called “Zidd aapke Suraksha ki; Zidd Surakshit aage badhne ki” where customers and retailers are made aware of the need to wash their hands with soap and water or a hand santitizer, after conducting any financial transaction. This has been communicated to over 10 lakh retailers across 17,000 plus PIN codes. Our teams are putting all their energies to ensure every retailer is made aware of it, and puts this into practice. We are happy to share that more than 250 videos replaying this core messaging have already been made and shared by our retailers in various social forums, and it gives us great comfort to see this level of awareness and proactive social messaging.

Contactless payments is the way to tide over the current tough times!

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